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    • Did you know?

      A city like Paris is home to 32 species of mammals, 761 types of flowering plants, 166 species of birds, 36 species of fish and around 1,000 species of invertebrates! But 11 of these species are threatened with extinction.

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      The production of renewable energies is expected to rise by 65% in Japan by 2030, thanks to highly favourable regulations. Bouygues Energies & Services has provided a 41 MW solar farm, which has created 200 new jobs. It will help support Japanese society by providing inexpensive solar energy.

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      "Local and regional authorities are responsible for 66% of tenders with a BIM requirement in France. BIM is clearly gaining ground with local authorities, which see it as an ideal working method for collaborating with multiple stakeholders.Source: Batiweb.com.

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      3 years old already! Matching Up, Bouygues Construction’s open innovation programme, celebrated its 3rd anniversary in 2018. It brings Group employees into contact with starts-ups so that they can design and construct innovative projects together, such as the offices and homes of the future, new construction processes and sustainable neighbourhoods.

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      By 2050, 7 in 10 people will live in one of the world's smart cities. Smart cities emphasise pollution reduction, safety, mobility and the transition to sustainable energy for the well-being of their citizens.Source: the Smart City Hub.

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      More than 1 million hours of work on professional integration contracts are carried out every year by Bouygues Construction. The Group plays an active role in local economic activity and contributes to regional development.

    Discover some facts that might surprise you…

    And share information with your network!

    Shared innovation is all about being open, listening and sharing

    How we act

    Shared innovation forms part of every phase of a project – before, during and after. We are open and agile enough to embrace new forms of innovation. Our approach affects all those involved in our ecosystem and aims to give them a role to play, bring them closer and get them working together. By coming into contact with different viewpoints and ideas, we create and spread innovation… not only around our own projects, but also throughout our sector!

    Discover some facts that might surprise you…

    And share information with your network!


    We are helping to transform communities so that we can shape the world of tomorrow by developing innovative solutions and products.

    Modular Clement Canopy

    the world’s tallest towers using modular concrete!

    Chaire 4.0 Find out more Find out more

    The challenge facing this research team made up of PhD students, young researchers and Bouygues Construction employees is to gain a better understanding of the construction sector of tomorrow and to invent new methods.

    Centrale Lille engineering school, Hauts-de-France regional council and European Metropolis of Lille

    1,500 m2 at the top

    With floor areas ranging from 700 m2 at the foot of the tower to 1,500 m2 at the top, the Alto Tower at La Défense is a feat of engineering.


    Every action we take is guided by the environmental and social consequences it may have, whether it is likely to affect our employees, our customers, our partners or our users.

    So why not you?

    To mark International Women’s Rights Day, we launched an awareness and recruitment campaign seeking to boost gender diversity in our teams.

    Safety Act

    Zero accidents on construction sites! The new 3-language app doubles as a portable guide to safety practices and a checklist for use on construction sites.

    100% renewable energies

    100% renewable energies will power the future Erlenmatt eco-neighbourhood in Basel, Switzerland


    A global player in the construction sector, we contribute to regional development by creating value and jobs, supporting the major transformations impacting society.

    The new dock at Calais

    3,260 metres: the length of the breakwater of the new dock at Calais, designed to keep sea swells and storms at bay

    Arozoaar association Find out more Find out more

    Terre Plurielle, our corporate foundation, is helping to finance the fight against exclusion and foster integration for socially disadvantaged people through a market garden scheme for organic produce in France.

    3.4 million

    additional fibre optic sockets installed in the Hauts-de-France region

    Discover some facts that might surprise you…

    And share information with your network!

    2018, a year marked by innovations, partnerships and acquisitions.

    We see innovation as a collective and shared state of mind.
    In 2018, the men and women of Bouygues Construction showed just that, throughout the world, whether upstream or downstream of the construction process itself. We do it for the good of customers, users and their environment.

    Our businesses and our practices are increasingly becoming digitised, which encourages innovation at every level. We have also created developmental partnerships and strengthened our capabilities in the key businesses of Energy and Services through two major acquisitions.

    Innovation is a strategic driver running through all our actions. By innovating, we are working to make our regions and communities sustainable, now more than ever.

    Philippe Bonnave Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bouygues Construction

    Take a look at some of the year’s flagship projects


    2018 – a year rich in collective initiatives, discoveries and success!

    True / False?

    The twin-tube undersea road tunnel linking the district of Tuen Mun and Lantau Island is in Singapore.


    It’s in Hong Kong, 50 metres below sea level.

    Grand Paris Express Find out more Find out more
    Three major acquisitions Find out more Find out more
    Motorway connection Find out more Find out more
    Biotope, a planted building Find out more Find out more

    3,260 metres the overall length of the breakwater of the new Calais dock

    Sustainable housing Find out more Find out more

    The Construction Industry Career Awards spotlight the experience of employees, and show the diversity of possible careers in the sector. With 4,000 people hired on permanent contracts across all our businesses in 2018, Bouygues Construction faces a significant challenge in terms of recruitment. In this fast-moving context, we need to raise the profile of the opportunities that our organisations offer.

    Michael Truntzer HR manager, Bouygues Construction
    Ny Hoaviko project Find out more Find out more
    Working agrivoltaic farm Find out more Find out more

    The renewal of our Top Employer certification attests to the quality of our HR policies in France and our international locations.

    Jean-Manuel Soussan Executive Vice President of Bouygues Construction with responsibility for human resources and policy on corporate and social responsibility

    148 metre-tall piers form part of the tallest cable-stayed bridge in South America

    True / False?

    The Park Central Towers will be among the tallest skyscrapers in the Philippines. Built in the city of Makati, in an earthquake zone, an innovative process was used in their construction.


    They will be the first residential towers in the region designed with viscoelastic dampers.

    10,000 seats will await spectators in the future sports arena in Orléans

    True / False?

    Two future sewage tunnels in Doha form part of a project for sewage collection, pumping and treatment services and have been designed according to the principles of sustainable development.


    They employ gravity to ensure the flow of wastewater in the tunnels.

    Above the Pacific Ocean Find out more Find out more
    Land reclamation Find out more Find out more
    Sustainable neighbourhood Find out more Find out more
    A campus dedicated to innovation Find out more Find out more
    Extension of the Melbourne metro Find out more Find out more

    Supporters of the project

      Reinventing the city, urban housing, universities, industry… In whatever area they are involved, our employees, partners and customers talk about our innovative, responsible and committed expertise.

      In whatever area they are involved, our employees, partners and customers talk about our innovative, responsible and committed expertise.

      Our partnership for rolling out a fibre optic network in the Very Dense Area is fully in line with our commitment to set-up and invest in very long-term public-interest infrastructure projects that benefit as many people as possible.

      Gwenola Chambon Head of General Infrastructure Funds at Mirova

      Working collaboratively with the University of Cambridge, Bouygues UK and the project team, we can bring our experience and skills to help realise a world-class facility which will attract the best talent in the UK and across the globe.

      David Lewis Partner at NBBJ

      A Smart City is a city that takes care of its citizens and where the residents lie at the heart of the projects it undertakes.

      Denis Hameau Dijon Metropolis Council

      There are good ideas everywhere. We have to be open-minded and flexible enough to look for them, rework them and relate them to the world of tunnel engineering.

      Anne-Laure Giard Innovation project manager at Tunnel Lab, Bouygues Travaux Publics

      When the building industry reinvents itself, it can count on the support of the Region! The Chair in Construction 4.0, which is unique in France, has been launched in the Hauts-de-France Region. Anticipating the future means we must be pioneers, and investing means we must develop opportunities and jobs. Congratulations to Bouygues Construction and Centrale Lille.

      Xavier Bertrand President of the Hauts-de-France Region