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    Smash the bricks in the wall to unblock all the facets of Shared innovation. Who knows what’s hidden!

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    • Environment

      Beyond the intrinsic quality of a project, we must control its footprint in terms of the environment and natural resources at every stage of its development and use. This is no passing trend: it is an irreversible change affecting our industry.

    • End users

      Before, during and after carrying out a project, a single question guides our operation: how can we make the lives of the men and women living within it more comfortable? We fully factor in the way they make use of the building or structure as we create smooth and pleasant living experiences for them.

    • Technical expertise

      We are modernising our professions and the design and construction tools we use with modular construction, robotics, virtual reality and BIM. Each day we develop our technical mastery of the entire value chain of construction a little bit more.

    • Employees

      Because its men and women are the key stakeholders in the ambitions of the Group, Bouygues Construction sets the highest possible standards for the well-being and development of its 56,980 employees.

    • Customers

      We are involved in the entire value chain of projects and we suggest solutions covering all phases. We design and, working alongside our customers, jointly develop innovative building products and techniques that can play a key part in complex undertakings and global solutions as much as in routine construction projects. We provide sustainable solutions for our customers and their users, meeting their needs as fully as possible.

    • Partners

      Whatever the project, we work closely with our partners – architects, subcontractors, suppliers, start-ups, engineering schools and universities, customers, investors and users. We share with them not only our expertise, but also our hard work, our ideas and our ambitions. We share in the success of the project together.